ITIL Certification Path

The picture below presents 3 main levels for itil certification path. It is recommended to prepare very well before each of the itil exams. For some certifications eg. practitioner or master it is desired to posses some work experience in itil environment. Othrewise it might be difficult to understand how itil processes work and passing the final exams will be very stresfull and difficult.

ITIL Certification Path

The first level is the ITIL Foundation Certification in IT Service Management (ITIL Foundation). The Foundation Certficate is a proof of understanding of the itil basis which includes most of itil terminology, terms, concepts and relationships between various ITIL processes.

The next level is Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL Practitioner) wich is basically the proof of the practical knowledge in such areas as release and control, support and restore and/or agree and define.

The highest, 3rd level is ITIL Service Manager certification. This certification proofs the highest skills including theory, practice, experience in ITIL but also communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

source: ITIL Sources
published: 2008-07-10 13:11:34

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